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Attorney James Wendt was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey (no...not that New Jersey … the nice New Jersey).  He was educated at Northeastern University where he majored in accounting (don’t ask why…it would take too long to explain) and the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law.  His last year of law school he was an intern at the New York Organized Crime Task Force which, while not particularly intellectually challenging, was certainly eye opening.  Completing his law school education, he sat for and passed the New York State bar examination and, rather than remain in New York, he drove to Alaska with his dog, his belongings, but without a clue as to what he might find when he arrived.

His first job was with the Alaska Public Defender Agency where he toiled doing criminal trial work, both misdemeanor and felony, for four years before moving to the Alaska Office of Public Advocacy where he did trial work for an additional two years.  He then opened his own office where he has concentrated on personal injury and malpractice cases while taking the occasional criminal case for client’s either wrongly accused of with strong mitigating circumstances.

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